Sunday, July 20, 2014


Just last night I was chatting with my tour participants about some strange experiences they had had with the paranormal. They were three generations, grandparents, dad, and daughter and the young lady was looking at colleges in New Orleans. The grandmother said that when her son was growing up there was a little spirit that played with him and sometimes kept them up at night roaming the hallways.

As it turns out her husband wrote a book about that experience and other paranormal experiences that he has had over his lifetime. So I have never had this opportunity before, but I want to post the link to his book. You can buy it on Amazon, The Elaborate Game by Robert Lawson. I have not read it but I look forward to checking it out.

Here is the link.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From Harvey to Jackson

A woman from Jackson, Mississippi came on the tour back in the winter. She used to live in Harvey outside of New Orleans. In that home her kids would see a man come into their bedroom and keep an eye on them. He was an old black man who wore a red plaid flannel shirt and a newsboy hat. One day the woman was talking to a neighbor. The neighbor said that her uncle had died in the house during Katrina. She described him. The woman called her children over and had them repeat their description of the man they had seen in their bedroom-- it was the same.

Although the family had moved, the kids still saw him. He was a comfort to them. One day, not long after they had first moved, the woman was sitting on the bed facing the closet. Nothing had been placed in the closet yet, just a red flannel shirt belonging to her partner. As she sat in the bed looking at the otherwise empty closet, the arm of the shirt lifted, it turned 180- degrees to face her, then after a moment turned back at rest.

Long Island

Back in January, a man came on the tour with one of those stories that leaves me bawling. His daughter died at 3 and his son has serious birth defects; he cannot walk or talk. The man said that the daughter hangs out with her brother. She would be 26 today, and her brother is 21. One day the man and his son came home from lunch at McDonald's. He had to use the bathroom, so he wheeled his son into the house, locked the wheels, and ran to the bathroom. While he was in there, he heard the toy piano playing. It was in the closed toy box. Naturally he figured it was his deceased daughter, "Natalie, I know you want your brother out, but give me a minute" the playing continued. He said it again, and again the playing continued. This wasn't like her. He said, "Hit the key once for yes and twice for no--Are you Natalie?"  
Two hits.
 "Are you someone else?" 
One hit. 
"Are you with her" 
One hit. 
He said, "Okay, you can stay, so long as you are nice to my son and protect him." 

When the man came out of the bathroom, he fished the piano out of the toy box and turned it off.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Outside San Francisco

It is funny how different people can be important in our lives at the same time, yet never meet. A woman from outside San Francisco told me that one day her housekeeper, who was part of the family and had been for many years, took her aside and told her a man had been in the house while everyone was away. He had walked into the hallway from the bathroom, then went back in, then out again and into the family room. The housekeeper had seen him from the top of the stairs. When the woman asked her to describe the man, she described a tall man in a Pendleton shirt with suspenders, jeans, work boots and a hat. It was the exact description of the woman’s ex-father-in-law who had passed. Although the father-in-law and the housekeeper were both close to the family, they had never met.

Plattsburgh, New York

Some people have one ghost story to their name, while others have more than they can count. Recently I met a couple with a lot of stories to tell. They were from Plattsburgh, New York, close to Montreal. The first member of the woman’s family to come to the US from Poland was a great aunt. The family knew the graveyard where she was buried, but they could not find her grave. Three generations they had been looking for it until one night she was in bed, not really asleep, when a man in a turn of the century suit and a bowler hat appeared at the foot of her bed. He told her the grave was by a big tree, and pushed over and that was why no one had found it. Her husband went to the graveyard, following the instructions and sure enough, found the tomb stone.

Before the couple was married, he lived in an old house converted by a friend into apartments. He moved in, unpacked the TV and a few other things, but still had a room full of unopened boxes. One day he could not find the remote. He was sure that he had unpacked it, but it was nowhere to be found. Later he went into the room full of unopened boxes to look for something else. He found the remote at the bottom of an unopened box. Hey, he figured that he was mistaken and the remote had been there all the time. A few weeks later the remote was gone again. He found it at the bottom of a different box in that room.

On another occasion he had a vivid dream that there was a stairwell where his bedroom closet was and there where workmen building the house. One of them turned directly to him and called him by name. The workman said that if the guy ever needed help to call his name, Paul M…?? and he would help. The workmen were stuffing hay and mud into the walls. Much later the couple was vacationing with the friend who renovated the house. The man shared this dream over dinner. His friend was befuddled. When he renovated the house he closed up the stairway and removed the hay and mud, never mentioning any of those things to his friend.

Bubbles in Milwaukee

I have seen a lot of orbs in my time, most in photos, a few live and in person, but recently a woman shared something about orbs that was new to me. She was from outside Milwaukee and had a seven year old daughter. Her daughter would often talk about seeing "bubbles." Sometimes they showed up in her closet and she would talk to them; other times she would come into her parents’ bed, complaining she couldn't sleep because the bubbles were keeping her up. The mother never saw a thing. 

Until a recently, when she was in a room with her daughter and thought she saw a ball of light by a ceiling fan. She decided to go into her daughter's room to take a picture and see if anything showed up. The room was empty and there was nothing. Later she took a photo with her daughter in the room and the orb showed up.

The part of this story that I have never heard before is that her daughter plays with the "bubbles," moving them around in the air with her hands. Why not? I guess a childlike innocence goes a long way.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A hotel room in Minnesota

Who knows why some places make for ghost stories for some people, when other people will not have an experience in the same place. A few weeks back a few ladies from Iowa and Ohio joined me on a tour. One of them had visited a hotel in Minnesota in April. Around 11 o'clock at night she was in bed and woke up to someone softly stroking the top of her hand. She was too afraid to open her eyes because she was sure that someone was standing beside her bed. After a moment the person walked around the foot of the bed to the opposite side and lay down beside her. She was still too terrified to open her eyes. Then, just as strangely as it had begun, the person seemed to disappear and she was alone in bed.